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Release your inner radiance! Inner radiance is that beautiful glow that is emitted by people who are healthy and happy. It is that indefinable quality which makes a person such a pleasure to be in the company of, their happiness, warmth and confidence is infectious. People with inner radiance have lots of energy and a zest for living. They know what they want out of life and they have the passion and get-up-and-go to achieve it. These people have achieved a high level of health in all areas of their lives, emotional, mental and physical.

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 Being healthy and beautiful is easier than you think.   Good health and radiant looks depend on a many factors including heredity, environment, your mental and spiritual attitude to life . . . but they also depend on our awareness of natural resources and our ability to make the best use of them. Healing power is present in all living things. The idea of bringing the body to its optimum level of health  and fitness the natural way is appealing. It is the ultimate of self-motivation. It is also logical, for if animals can control their metabolic conditions, why can't we? We have lost the instinct, the direct contact with nature; we have to be taught again.




The natural approach to health and beauty is made on all levels: it is an adjustment in dieting and eating, a balance, breathing and movement, a knowledge of the elements and plant life. Nurturele provides a basis for the rediscovery of the naturally healthy and beautiful body.

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 As the site progresses, we will cover a range of subjects from detoxifying diets, natural beauty recipes, fruit and vegetable juice cocktails, sprouts, natural supplements, to making your own tofu.




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